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This semi antique rug was woven with sheep’s wool as a prayer-meditation rug in the original Turkish tradition influenced by shamanism, the original religion of the Turks. These rugs are not like their counterparts in Persia and other Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Egypt. Those rugs usually shows Mecca, the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad. Turkish knot, handwoven with 100% hand-spun wool & natural dyes in Turkey. Click here to see the process of making hand-woven rugs.
Width: 3 feet       
Length: 4 feet   4 inches

There are many stages involved weaving authentic hand-knotted rugs. First the wool is either sheared in the fall or spring. Second stage is to hand-spin the wool. Third stage is to wash the wool and dye it. The wool is all naturally dyed with natural ingredients which makes every rug unique. 

This wool  goes  to weavers' homes or villages to be woven in the traditional way. Almost all these rugs are Turkish double knotted and wool on wool. The rug is washed after weaving and the fringes have to be tied or braided. At Karavan: Treasures From Turkey, we select from small productions, which preserve the human touch and concentrate on the qualities of the past.The Turkish knot, or symmetrical double knot, is common of rugs that are produced in Turkey and the Caucasus region.

type: Rugs by: From Turkey
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