Turkish Hand-made, Single Chandelier 10"x 10"
Karavan: Treasures From Turkey

Turkish Hand-made, Single Chandelier 10"x 10"

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We have mosaic chandeliers Ottoman and Selcuk style from Turkey. These chandeliers are all handmade, which makes each one of them one-of-a-kind.

Mosaic lamps are made of the original color of different glass. When the lamp is lit, the glasses emit colorful shades, which can radically change the ambiance of the room. None of the glasses are painted. Metal parts of the products are made of brass and filigree. Each part of the lamp is handmade.

You can see the harmony of both brass and filigree techniques. The motifs that are visible on brass have been present in Middle Eastern countries since pre-history. Different from brass is the filigree hand-working, which is attributed exclusively to the culture of Anatolia. Before, this technique had been used only for making jewels (e.g.: bracelets, earrings, etc. ). This technique has spread and started to be used in the way that these handmade lamps are produced nowadays. 

For our smallest globed floor and table lanterns, we recommend up to 15-watt clear candelabra incandescent light bulbs and medium-sized globes, up to 25-watt incandescent candelabra light bulbs. However, if you use LED the W may be higher. For regular sizes, you may use regular watts up to 60 or LED soft or daylight. If the bulb is clear, one gets the patterns, which give a beautiful ambiance, of the colored globes on the walls.