Kutahya Ceramic Plate 12"
From Kutahya

Kutahya Ceramic Plate 12"

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This is a 12" handmade ceramic plate made in Kutahya, Turkey. Kutahya was the most famous sanctuary for the pottery artisans, who were Turkish, Greek  & Genovese of the medieval times. It was a place hidden inland from the disturbances of the time. The art there took a different turn with the idea that “all comes from the same source” which one can see in the arrangement of patterns and flowers. Click here to read more

Our every single piece has its own unique story to tell; it has soul and mythological story. Our vision is to introduce the rich culture and heartfelt efforts of Troys, Hitites, Romans, Seljuks, Byzantines, Ottoman and Modern Times.

This products is specially hand shaped & hand painted for Karavan Columbus. 771-B &C North High Street bymaster craftsmen. İt hasdouble fired between 900-1100 Celcius by using traditional IZNIK techniques.