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Lauren Copper\ May 7, 2021

WOW! There's so many gorgeous, authentic treasures packed in here. We made at least 3 laps around the store and each time saw things we hadn't seen before. The owner was very personable and helpful. Honestly when we first walked by the store I was almost afraid to go in because from what we saw in the window I thought there was no way we'd be able to afford anything but decided to check out all of the colorful pretties anyway. I was pleasantly shocked to find a large range of different kinds of items with amazingly affordable prices. We even made a point of stopping back in here on our way out of town heading back home to grab some last minute gifts. Stop in here next time you're in Columbus, you won't be disappointed.

Shatha Alsharab\ April 21, 2021

My family and I came here yesterday, everything is so beautiful! I love love the evil eye jewelry! Iv lived here for 2 years and found my go to spot now for evil eye wear and household items!

Angel Shepard, March 12, 2021

I was very picky with the colors, and the owner was so patient with while I kept changing my mind. They have so many home decor, jewelry, hand bags, games, scarves, you name it. I absolutely love it, and SUPER BUDGET FRIENDLY

Stacey Wright-Verkeyn\ April 14, 2020

Wow, I fell in love with this place! Spent an hour in there, but could have spent all day! Everything was colorful and beautiful.. The store owner was nice and helpful but not pushy. Told me a wonderful story about a ring I picked out. I purchased some unique and lovely jewelry, as well as a stunning plate. I will go back any time I am in Columbus for sure!!

Yasemin Swaim\ June 25, 2020

I have gotten two things from here and I live in Virginia. My chandelier and my new table lamp! Best customer service ever and best products always!!!!

Michael Michojevic\ June 16, 2019

Great little shop! Owner is very helpful and friendly. Will be back the next time I’m over that way.

Kirstian Myers\ August 5, 2019

I love my lamp. I had it shipped to Michigan and got it today. I couldn’t wait for it to be dark! It really is beautiful.

Sarah Isabel\ March 30, 2019

The owner is so nice, and the store is absolutely beautiful! The owner made us Turkish apple tea, and gave my 4yo a little ceramic cat for good luck! we will definitely be back 😊

Nicholas Schattschneider\ February 16, 2018

Great store I bought a set of black handcrafted bracelets that look and feel amazing. The store is very clean colorful and full of great things like jewelry, rugs, swords and more. Also when you buy something they give you a free pin with a blue glass eye for good luck. Also the man working there was extremely nice and friendly.

Dahae Yi\ March 24, 2018

If you need gift ideas check out this place. Bookmarks, rings, necklace, beautiful patterned shoes, wall decorations, purses, and so many amazing Turkish mosaic light fixtures!

Alev Sahin\ December 10, 2018

Awesome place! Great hospitality ! Many many good gift options !

Buxi\ June 22, 2017

There is SO much to see in this little shop, it's overwhelming! And it's all so beautiful. And the owners are so kind - last time I stopped by, they gave me a cup of the tea they were drinking (delicious!) to sip on while I browsed the store. It's the best place to shop for an accent piece or a unique and beautiful gift.

Melanie Livengood\ August 12, 2017

Absolutely LOVED this store! My husband and I stumbled upon it while exploring Short North. The storekeeper is so kind, and the items he has for sale are beautiful! I definitely recommend this shop - it does not disappoint!

Alexandra Arpaci\ February 5, 2017

Every time I return to this store I discover something new that I hadn't seen before. Purchasing these products allows me to enjoy the beautiful turkish culture and share it with friends and family! Not to mention free shipping for web orders �

Jeff McNaughton\ September 6, 2017

A fantastic treasure. Most of the designs are colorful and brightly decorated, I like just going in to look around. Everything from beautiful lamps and rugs to clothing and coffee cups (which make great gifts).

Anna R. Paolucci\ November 22, 2016

There is no better store in the city for gorgeous, one of a kind items to wear, decorate your home with and as unique gifts for every occasion! Support hand made, locally owned.

Ralph Jenkins\ May 30, 2016

Awesome gem of a store. Store owner is very friendly and helpful. Unique gifts and Turkish décor. One of my favorite spots in the Short North.

Jennifer Sieck\ December 28, 2012

I absolutely love this place..It always reminds me of the magical trip I was blessed with years ago. And the proprietor couldn't be a nicer more helpful person as he brings Turkish Hospitality and a genuine warmth to High Street. This is A little corner of the Grand Market in the Short North--go! You'll be so glad you ventured here!

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