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Our Store:
Karavan: Treasures from Turkey currently brings hand-made decorative items from Turkey to Columbus Ohio area. Karavan items include new and semi-antique carpets, kilim rugs, hand-beaten copper trays, earthenware pots, silk scarves, colorful lanterns, sterling silver jewelry, classical Kutahya tiles and plates, and a range of handbags and shoes made from fine leather and kilim fabric. Because of the particularities of hand-made products, we travel frequently to Turkey and are intimately involved in the selection of every item that comes to our store.

At Karavan: Treasures from Turkey, our main focus is to find the best samples of hand-made items, either new or old, with traditional qualities.
We select from small productions, which preserve the human touch and concentrate on the qualities of the past. . Most antiques lasted from grandparents to grandchildren because they were well made.

"The lore of kilim motifs, designs, colors and their symbolism is as rich and complex as the combined heritage of cultures that gave them birth and contributed to their evolution."

The fame of the traditional Turkish handicrafts is world-renowned. Throughout the centuries the richness of Turkish culture has been carried overseas in its carpets, kilims, pottery, ceramics, needlework and many other forms of art. Even today, traditional Turkish art plays an important part in the daily lives of the Turkish family. In past years, especially during the '60s and '70s large numbers of people left their village life behind to find a new beginning in the big cities. These migrations left large gaps in both the agricultural and handicraft sectors, for without the farmers and weavers, these areas were left short.
However, for the last 10 or so years the importance of traditional Turkish art and other handicrafts has taken on a new dimension. All around the country many classes have popped up, being supported either by the government or the private sector, These classes or special courses have created whole generations of artists who are creating both new and old traditional Turkish art.