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Hello there,

Welcome to Karavan: Treasures from Turkey. A unique gift store in Short North district  in Columbus-OH, bringing real treasures from Turkey. Here you will find the colorful and homely environment of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul as well as the gift or decorative items you are looking for. You miss the “Oriental Café” in the Grand Bazaar? Well, no worries! You are very welcome to ask a cup of Turkish tea or coffee from either Bulent, who is the owner of the Karavan or from Mufit . We will be very happy to serve you, talk to you about the merchandise or Turkey and moreover provide contacts in Turkey if you’re headed there. By the way, Middle Eastern politics is always a great topic to talk too!

 Yeah, do not be shy, because we are happy to give you a Turkish talisman as soon as you approach the counter in the store. So come on in! See the other face of the Middle East in merchandise or in person!!!!

Now about Bulent (Büh-lent): He is the owner of Karavan but don’t let that fool you. He works harder than the days he practiced dentistry in Turkey. Yes, he actually is a dentist! Breaking the chain of doctors and dentists in the family tree he became a shop owner here in Short North one beautiful spring day in 2004 while walking idly and pondering about life. That was his second coming to Columbus and for a person who dearly loves Istanbul it was not easy to get used to living the winters the hard way. But he loves Columbus and Short North just as much now! No desire to go back to dentistry soon!  And before I forgot I should tell that he is “The Turkish Instructor” at OSU. Very much loved by all his students. I would have thought he wouldn’t be a good teacher for he is the goofiest guy I know but I was amazed to see his students babbling in Turkish every single time I meet a few. And you’ll notice his great sense of humor soon as you meet him.

Mufit (Müh-fit) is a wanderer at heart and his heart is right here in this store right now. A mining engineer by profession, he likes the underground only when he is not there! Have a heart to heart conversation with him, you’ll enjoy it. No slick salesman in this store that’s for sure.

Well, what are you waiting for, come on in! Everything is colorful here including the people.