Nasreddin Hodja

Nasreddin Hoja had a dishonest neighbor to whom he wanted to teach a lesson. One day he asked this neighbor for  the loan of a cauldron. After a few days, he returned it with a small saucepan in it. When the man asked what it was all about, Nasreddin Hoja answered that his cauldron had given birth to a baby - a saucepan


 A short while later, Nasreddin Hoja again asked for the loan of the same cauldron. His neighbour, hoping for another "birth" gave it to the "imbecile" Hoja.


This time many days passed, and the cauldron had not been returned. Finally his neighbor decided to personally ask for his cauldron.. "Please accept my sincere condolonces,"

 Nasreddin Hoja said with a sad face. "Your cauldron is dead!"


"What, my cauldron is dead!" cried out his amazed neighbour. "Whoever heard of a cauldron dying?"

 What an incredulous man you are!" Nasreddin Hoja replied. "What is there surprising in the death of a cauldron which could give birth to a pan?"

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