Collection: Handmade Rugs & Kilims

At Karavan : Treasures from Turkey, our main focus is to find the best samples of hand-made rugs, either new or old, with traditional qualities. If they are new, we mostly look for Turkish knots (also called Gordes knots), vegetable dyes, and hand-spun wool used with traditional designs.

They may be Turkish, Kurdish, Turkmen, Azeri, or from the Caucasus, as well as our own production, which is all HAND-SPUN ORGANIC WOOL & NATURAL DYES  in the Eastern & SouthEast of Turkey. We select from small rug productions, which preserve the human touch of the weavers and concentrate on the qualities of the past. Most antique carpets lasted from grandparents to grandchildren because they were well made. The modern consumer of wool carpets should value the durability of traditional rugs because we put more stress on our floors, with pets, children, and entertaining. Click here to see how they are made.

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